Harvet : (offset snapshot:0) error in logstash-forwarder

(Sunil Chaudhari) #1

Hello friends,
I have just configured LSF to read some crm and sales logs under /var/log.
For some old files it says Skipping file (older than dead time of 24h0m0s): which is fine.
However for remaining files it says harvest: "/var/log/crm/crmERROR.log" (offset snapshot:0)
I cant figure out what is the issue? files are not old, those are being updated today also.
Please help me on this.

Note: Same set up of logstash-forwarder (64 bit RPM) is running on other machines well.

please help on this.


(Jordan Sissel) #2

It's difficult to read the lsf log messages you are talking about in your post. Can you paste them on separate lines in your post?

(system) #3