Has anyone been able to create custom transaction using the new angular integration?

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Kibana version: 6.6.0

Elasticsearch version: 6.6.0

APM Server version: 6.6.0

APM Agent language and version: Js/angular 0.2.0, JS: 4.5.0

Browser version: Chrome

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Hi Kartheek,

Thanks for trying out the APM Angular package. Could you please let us know what error are you seeing in the console and also the config/relevant code which would help us figure out the issue.

We have a E2E test which could help if there is any issue with the setup - https://github.com/elastic/apm-agent-rum-js/tree/master/packages/rum-angular/test/e2e/with-router


Thanks for your reply. More than seeing an error I am a little confused on how to plugin the new angular changes into my app. I am mainly looking for examples on how it is being used so the link you provided will be helpful. Do you have an example test with the same setup but also includes custom transactions?

Update: I was able to setup the angular plugin. I didnt realize ApmService had a static var "apm" which I could use. So I am able to start and end a custom transaction but i keep receiving this error and the transaction is not sent to APM server. Any clue what I am doing wrong here?

As you can see http spans are automatically created. This was working in in js agent version 3.0.0

TransactionService.startTransaction Transaction {name: "XXX", .....}
logging-service.js:56 TransactionService.startSpan POST http://localhost:8080/XXX external.http
logging-service.js:56 TransactionService.addTask task1
logging-service.js:56 TransactionService.removeTask task1
logging-service.js:56 TransactionService.startSpan GET http://localhost:8080/YYY external.http
logging-service.js:56 TransactionService.addTask task1
logging-service.js:56 TransactionService.removeTask task1
logging-service.js:56 TransactionService transaction finished Transaction {name: "XXX",...}
logging-service.js:56 Transaction was discarded! Transaction does not include any spans
logging-service.js:56 Could not create a payload from the Transaction Transaction {name: "XXX",...}
logging-service.js:56 TransactionService.add Transaction {name: "XXX",...}

Hi Kartheek,

Can you try with the latest @elastic/apm-rum-angular version. We have fixed an issue which was causing the ApmService injection not working as expected. The API is changed a bit, please check the docs here



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