Hashicorp's Nomad monitoring using metricbeat

I am new to this community and my resources are exhausted.
I am trying to implement monitoring on Hashicorp's Nomad using metricbeat but there is no metricbeat.module available for now.

Is there any alternative where the metri beat running on the cluster can collect metricset from http://nomadcluster:4646/v1/metrics and ship to a central server?

Any alternate module or any suggestions. I am stuck since weeks now. I tried modules like http, system and even openmetrics but no luck. Hoping for a response. Thank you

As of now I don't have used a beat to monitor nomad (or consul/vault for that matter) but I plan to do in the very near future.
As far as I can see there is only open/work in progress PR/issue in Github here (I could find nomadbeat but this seems not to have been implemented).
If you find anything else I am very curious as well!

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