HeartBeat complex time range


I'm looking for help about using a custom time range for monitoring uptime of some services over http using heartbeat.

I want to set for the following time range : 8-12:30 and 13:30-18 (every minute should be good in this range)
Some of you know how i can do that ?
Using cron i was only able to set the following :

  • schedule : '* 8-12,13-18 * * 1-5'

Can we use multiple time ranges on one schedule ? if yes what is the right separator to use ?

We only support a single cron definition.

Can you share your use case? Why do you not want it monitored continuously? That would help us understand if a new feature might make sense

A Client want us to give him a SLA metrics only for the working hours mentionned before.
on the others times ranges, we are able to let the website drop for maintenance purposes.
So can we discuss about handling multiples cron expression or maybe just being able to let it monitoring 24/24-7/7 and later selecting a time range and then calculating the SLA for this range only ?

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