Heartbeat input plugin

Hiya all,

if i want to change the input plugins listen port for heartbeat how can i do this?

the guide doesn't list it as an option

input {
  heartbeat {
    port => 2600

generates this error [ERROR][logstash.inputs.heartbeat] Unknown setting 'port' for heartbeat

does the heartbeat plugin have a default port? how does it listen for events from heartbeat clients?

my heartbeat yml file is set to send to logstash ip:port... so the output should be fine...

do i have to specify beats instead of heartbeat??

It doesn't listen for anything, it just creates events out of nothing at a regular interval.

If you are trying to use the heartbeat beat for monitoring then you would use a beats input, not a heartbeat input. That does have a port option.

right... so the logstash input plugin heartbeat doesn't listen.. just generates

so using the logstash beats input plugin on specified port will accept the heartbeat packets being sent to it by a heartbeat client.


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