Heartbeat monitor for multiple pods inside 1 deployment


Is is possible with heartbeat configuration monitor all pods (replicas) inside one deployment together to see on Kibana UI something like "3/3 are UP" or "1/3 are UP"?

My current configuration creates new entry for each pod

        - type: kubernetes
          resource: pod
          - config:
            - type: http
              name: "${data.kubernetes.pod.name}"
              check.response.status: 200
              schedule: "@every 15s"
              timeout: 5s
              hosts: ["http://${data.host}:${data.port}/health"]

Hi @OlLap,

Unfortunately, that's not how group checs are implemeted. Check groups (3/3 are UP) require a static list of hosts/urls to know beforehand when all targets have been hit and returned.

Autodiscover targets are dynamic in nature and the scheduler does not know how these relate to one another to build a check group. So for each of the matches we generate a new monitor config.

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