Heartbeat not able to connect the HTTP Endpoint via Proxy

Hi All,

Im try to configure the heartbeat to monitor the up time for endpoint. Below is the configuration for the same.

- type: http
  name: JocataHealthCheck
  schedule: '@every 60s'
  urls: ["https://SomeURL/rest/jocata/v1.0/healthCheck"]
  timeout: 60s
  proxy_url: 'http://<<IP>>:<<PORT>>'
    method: GET
      content-type : 'application/json'
      Authorization : 'Basic MTNlMzkxNzY6am9jYXRhdWF0'
    status: 200

Upon starting heartbeat I'm getting the following error for the endpoint.

Get https://SomeURL/rest/jocata/v1.0/healthCheck: net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)

I'm able to access the using the below curl request

 curl -kv https://SomeURL/rest/jocata/v1.0/healthCheck --proxy <<IP>>:<<PORT>> --header 'Authorization: Basic MTNlMzkxNzY6am9jYXRhdWF0'

Can anyone please point if something is missing while configuring the same.

Thanks and Regards,
Rakesh Chhabria

Hi All,

I added the proxy details at VM level, and now I'm getting the below error.

Get https://SomeURL/rest/jocata/v1.0/healthCheck: context deadline exceeded

Thanks and Regards,
Rakesh Chhabria

@andrewvc can you please check this out.

Hi Team,

For time being we have moved Heartbeat instance to another server where the public URL which we are trying to access is reachable with out proxy and it is working fine.

The problem comes when we are trying to access the public URL from the server where these urls are accessible via proxy.

As mentioned above, the proxy settings are configured at VM level and in heartbeat configuration file.

Please let me know in case any additional information is required from my side.

Thanks and Regards,
Rakesh Chhabria

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