Heartbeat should support context passing

I want to monitor the web service

  1. login

  2. do somethings with cookies/params (login response)

I don't know how to do it.

zabbix it's easy do that

use processors ?

  1. login

You can Username, Password for use with HTTP-Authentication or send your own HTTP headers with authentication details.

  1. cookies

Cookies are not supported yet (feel free to open an enhancement request)

  1. login response

one can pass custom parameters in a request + do some plain validation of the response. What exactly is it you want to configure and validate?

@steffens thanks

i want to monitor process

req->a->resp(rep param param_a)->req(with param_a)->b->.....

not only monitor separate url

this sounds like you want use heartbeat to script some common behavior? But then how do you want to pass/process parameters? do HTTP PUSH, process json... I don't get the full context from your description, but looks somewhat out of scope right now.

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