Help on case sensitive kv plugin

(Brian) #1

Im using the kv plugin to extract some values from syslog messages such as From, to, call-ID, etc. Problem is that some logs come in capitalized and others don't and from what I can tell kv are case sensitive, any suggestions to solve this? here is the section of the code im using now

	include_keys => ["Contact", "To", "From", "Call-ID"]                           # take syslog_message & look for keyvalues followed by ":" and parce them out
	source => "syslog_message"
	value_split => ":"

(Magnus Bäck) #2

Can't you just list both "Call-ID" and "call-ID" in include_keys?

(Brian) #3

but when I do a search I would have to do two searches which is not ideal

(Magnus Bäck) #4

Sure, but you could rename the fields after the kv filter so the naming is consistent.

(system) #5

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