Help with filter

Dear community
I have the next logs:

<6> CEF:0|A10|TH1040S|4.1.4-GR1-P2|WAF62|filter-resp-hdrs|6|rt=Jul 01 2020 20:14:29 src=X.X.X.X spt=36230 dst=X.X.X.X dpt=443 cs1=WAF_TEST cs2=8e139634be358ee9 act=sanitize cs3=learn app=HTTPS requestMethod=GET cn1=2 request=/crm.secciones/api/cms/Secciones/Seccion/GetUnidadHeader?idUnidad=3&idIdioma=1 msg=Header Server filtered

I'm using kv and work fine, but I need extract the data in column "filter-resp-hdrs" this field is changing accord the event, I'm try using gork but was not suscefuly.
what do you suggest??

best regards.

can you give the example of how do you want to form the data, what are the fields and respected value you require?

take a look at cef codec

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