Help with filtering message based on regex

Hi, I really need some help with logstash.

I a trying to filter messages based on content and send them to an alternative server for example:

{"type":"syslog","host":"","@timestamp":"2021-03-08T13:18:55.722Z","message":"<14>Mar 8 14:04:21 myrouter1 RT_FLOW: RT_FLOW_SESSION_CREATE: session created> 0x0 junos-ike 0x0 N/A N/

I want to pick out RT_FLOW_SESSION* with regex and tag the entry but I cannot seem to work out how to structure this.

my inputs and outputs are working fine, i have tested this using:

input 	{
	syslog {
		port => 514
filter {if [host] == ""{
mutate { add_tag => [router]}}

I have a number of IPs to match, but I think filtering based on a regex will be more efficient.

Thanks in advance.

You could use grok

grok { match => { "message" => "RT_FLOW_SESSION_%{WORD:sessionOp}:" } }

Thank you Badger

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