Help with grok pattern for logs parsen in logstash

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Hey all,
i have a problem with my grok pattern i have 2 type of logs with have one different and if i create two grok matches with the patterns (all similar until LOGLEVEL pattern) look below:
my logs

[9/16/18 19:58:29:827 CEST] 0000006e SystemOut O CIWEB Warn : [ls94mn(unknown) @] User with bensl=g5082 not found.
[9/16/18 20:28:53:225 CEST] 000004cc SystemOut O CIWEB Error: [mfbr8qv(unknown) @]

my grok matches:

grok {
  break_on_match => false
   match => [ "message","%{DATESTAMP:time} %{NOTSPACE} %{NOTSPACE:thread} %{WORD:log-source} [ ]* %{NOTSPACE:sev} %{NOTSPACE:module} %{LOGLEVEL:log-level} \: %{GREEDYDATA:msg}" ]
   match => [ "message","%{DATESTAMP:time} %{NOTSPACE} %{NOTSPACE:thread} %{WORD:log-source} [ ]* %{NOTSPACE:sev} %{NOTSPACE:module} %{LOGLEVEL:log-level}\: %{GREEDYDATA:msg}" ]

If I use this Grok with both matches, the filter only takes the error LogLevel.

please help in that, thank you all

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