Help with monitoring MBeans with jmx plugin of logstash

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I am using logstash input jmx plugin to retrieve some parameters from a Java application.

The idea it to get two or more attributes from on MBean through jmx plugin and to show those attributes in Kibana UI but within the same data table, but the query actually is generating me three events(i am asking to get the value of three attributes) and that's not suitable for me. I want the query to trigger only one event and that event would contain all the values of these attributes.

Here is the logstash input configuration file =>
path => "/apps/logstash_conf/jmxconf"
type => "jmx",
polling_frequency => 15

Json JMX configuration file =>


Logstash with above configurations is generating me three events...i want only one event to be generated and that event would contain all the three attributes configured on query on Json JMX configuration.

If someone has encounter on such situations or is aware of any workaround i would truly appreciate the help.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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Have you found a workaround? Stuck in exactly the same situation.

Maybe possible with the logstash-filter-aggregate plugin