Help with running the Apm Agent in Java 6 environment

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I'm configuring:

All in version 6.7.2, by the compatibility matrix the apm agent in version 1.3.1 and compatible only with java 7+.

My main application environment runs jboss4 with java 6.

I'm trying to upload the agent by listening to the pid of the jboss 4 process but it returns me the error "manifest not found".

Is there any version of the apm agent that runs in java 6 or some way to manually rotate it pointing to java 7 and using process pid?

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Hi Leandro and welcome to the forum!
Unfortunately, since the java agent is compiled for JVM 7, there is no way to install it on older versions.

Ola Eyal_Koren,
Thanks for the answer.
I am trying to start the apm-gent process using the command line.

I installed java 7 on the machine and am trying to start the apm-gent process using the command line, but it returns me the error no main manifest attribute in elastic-apm-agent.jar.

Do you know to say if it is possible to start the agent in this way or only within the jboss run.conf?


The agent is not a standalone Java app, it is a jar that needs to be installed on a JVM process, such as your JBoss. There is a way to start a separate process and install on running JVMs, but the agent will still need to run as part of the monitored JVM, which has to be of version 7 at least.
So, as long as your JBoss is running on Java <7, we would not be able to support that.

Hi Eyal_Koren
Thank you! For the answer and for the attention.

I would just like to express how impressed I am with the APM solution, it is simply spectacular, congratulations for the great work.

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Thanks Leandro!
Your feedback is highly appreciated! :elasticheart:

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