[HELP] Xml xpath dynamic destination-field

Based on documentation Logstash Xpath

My XML Format :

<isomsg direction="outgoing">
	<!-- org.jpos.iso.packager.GenericPackager[cfg/packager/iso87binaryedc.xml] -->
	<field id="0" value="0210"/>
	<field id="3" value="120002"/>
	<field id="4" value="000000165000"/>
	<field id="11" value="000001"/>
	<field id="32" value="1144"/>

My Logstash configuration :

    source => "message"
    xpath => 
        "/isomsg/@direction", "direction",
        "/isomsg/field/@value", "**/isomsg/field/@id**"
    store_xml => true
    target => "data"

i want to be id = value, how to be done like that ?

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