Hi how can I know the the APM env variables?

I have an app in python,
How can I know these:

app.config['ELASTIC_APM'] = {
apm = ElasticAPM(app)

I didnt see something about that in the kibana:


Hi @Frida

You can set SERVICE_NAME to a value that describes the service/app that you are instrumenting, e.g. "webshop-app". Note that the service name must only contain characters from the ASCII alphabet, numbers, dashes, underscores, and spaces.

As for the SECRET_TOKEN, it depends if you use Elastic Cloud or if you run APM Server yourself. Elastic Cloud will generate a secret token for you. If you run APM Server yourself, you can set the token in the APM integration settings, see the docs.

If you need to generate a secure token, you can use this snippet. Just run it in your terminal:

python -c "import secrets; print(secrets.token_urlsafe(32))"

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