Hide Show Timeline at bottom

Is there a way to hide/show the timeline at the bottom of the page?
It often makes navigation cumbersome when it is not being used such as reviewing long lists of alerts.
You have to scroll all the way the bottom of the page to view the horizontal scroll bar to view more fields.

Hi @sourcreamnormanbates - thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately there is no current way to toggle the timeline bottom bar from showing up, but I'll bring up that enhancement with the team. If you happen to have a track pad available, you should be able to swipe to the side while hovering over the tables as well if that helps.

Thank you!

Hi @sourcreamnormanbates,

I'm curious about how hiding/removing the bottom bar would improve things for you. If I look at the alerts page and decide to have 100 rows per page in my table, I have to scroll quite a bit before getting to the bottom. While removing the timeline bottom bar would help a little bit, I would still have to scroll a decent amount to get down to the horizontal scroll bar (for my screen size and resolution).

Also @Michael_Olorunnisola suggested a solution if you have a trackpad (most likely on a Mac), but if you're on Windows or have a normal mouse, you could try to hold Shift on your keyboard then scroll with your mouse that should scroll horizontal :slight_smile:
Hope this helps a bit!

Holding Shift and then scrolling is all I need.

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