High Availability for Logstash

Hi Everyone,

I have ELK configured with 4 ES Cluster Nodes , one logstash and one Kibana Node.
I want to have redundant logstash. Didnt find any solid procedure to configure logstash in cluster. I am using filebeat and kafka as input for my logstash.

Please suggest procedure on having multiple logstash nodes.


So Logstash fetches all its input from Kafka? Make all Logstash instances consume from the same topic and consumer group.

Thanks for the update,
I configured both the logstash instances to consume from the same kafka group.
If I stop logstash instance, the other logstash is processing the kafka messages.
But how can I manage fiebeat


But how can I manage fiebeat

Isn't Filebeat posting logs to Kafka?

filebeat directly to logstash

hosts: ["host1:5044", "host2:5044"]
loadbalance: true

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