HIgh availability of ES

Sorry i meant, one master node and one data node. It can happen? and what could be the issue? i had set zen.discovery to 1 in this case

This means that there was another node holding the primaries of these shards, and that node left the cluster.

I think i understood, initially data node had node.name as node1 and when restarted it came up with node.name as node2. Does this can cause the issue?

I don't think so, but I've not tried it. When you fixed the name did it solve the problem?

Have not tested it, am suspecting this could be issue. and again am testing the same. if it works i will share the result.

If it doesnt fix the issue, then how it can happen. because i have only one data node and the restart happened. as u said "there was another node holding the primaries of these shards" this can not happen at all, as i dont have an other data node in cluster at all.

There were, at some point, three data nodes in your cluster:

This is different example, these are two independent setup, sorry i mixed both setup qns here

You've asked a number of unrelated questions in this thread. It'd be useful if, when a question is resolved, you mark it as resolved and open a new thread if you have a new question. These long meandering threads are not very useful for other people who may be looking for similar information at a later date.

yeah sure, thank you

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