High CPU usage. Logstash can't work with persistent queue

Logstash: 6.7.0
CPU: 2 core
Heap Space: 2GB

Hi community,

I have a Logstash server with a persistent queue of 4GB on disk.
Few days ago I had an issue with the number of open files. I saw this issue in Logstash logs, so I increased LS_OPEN_FILES in configuration file.
After that I restarted Logstash, it was up but blocked. The CPU was 99,99% for 3 hours, and 0 logs in Elastic. I checked the logs, but it was empty.
So I decided to move out persistent queue and Logstash started to analyze without problem.

Do you know this issue? Do I have to fix anything in my configuration?
And Can I retry to ingest old queue that it's on Logstash disk?

Thanks a lot

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