Host File or Wildcards for Heartbeat

I'm trying to set up Heartbeat and looking for an efficient way to manage the host list for the icmp monitor. Is there an option to either reference a host file or to somehow use wildcards for the hosts list? I've looked through the documentation and don't see anything. Do you really have to statically list all the devices? That seems extremely inefficient, so I'm probably missing something.

What some users do is use the monitors.path they use some form of automation to generate those monitor yml files and place them in that path and since they can be reloaded dynamically they will get picked up.

That would be the equivalent of your hosts file..

I guess take your host file, run it through your script to generate the monitor yml and place in the directory

external dynamically loaded files located in the directory referenced by heartbeat.config.monitors.path. One advantage of using external files is that these can be automatically reloaded without stopping the Heartbeat process.

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