Host listed twice, one with hostname one with FQDN

Hopefully someone can help with this one!
I am just getting started with Elastic Stack (SIEM) and I'm currently using the cloud trial.

I have installed Beats on two hosts.
One host just has WinLogBeat and MetricBeat. This host just displays it's FQDN in Kibana (that's what i want)
The other host has AuditBeat, PacketBeat,WinLogBeat and MetricBeat. This host is showing as 2 hosts in Kibana, one with just the hostname and one with the FQDN.

Obviously i would like the host to only show up as one instance of itself and hopefully just have the FQDN.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I figured it out. I used the name: parameter in one of the .yml files.

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