How can i connect filebeat with logstash?

Hi, I'm new on these topics.
I'm working with ELK+Filebeat, I follow the steps of documentation but I can't connect filebeat with logstash, can some person help me, with tips or something else?
The version of ELK+Filebeat are 7.4

Hi @Zuleyma_Espinoza,

could you please share what configurations you have tried please.

First thing that comes to mind is that Logstash has to be listening on an address that can be reached from where Filebeat runs. If you are not using SSL, it is a pretty simple config. If you want or need SSL this might help.

Well I'm using OS Debian 9 stretch in Google Cloud Platform. My documents are the next:




When I send a demo log from logstash, I can see the entry in kibana, but if I try to send some log from filebeat I can't see the entry in kibana. In this moment I'm trying to connect filebeat with logstash, Logstash is in machine with Debian 9 stretch, and I install filebeat in another machine with Centos 7. I think If you can help me to connect filebeat and logstash in the same machine, I will can do it if filebeat and logstash staying in different machines

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