How can I fetch in between documents using Java API?

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I want to fetch documents from 200 to 300 using search query of JAVA API implementation but unable to find any option
How to do this?


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How are you defining what 200 and 300 are?

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document number 200 to 300

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Is that a field in the document?

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No i want number of records starting from 200 to 300

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I get that, but documents don't have numbers in Elasticsearch.
So how are you defining what that range is?

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I am not defining anything I just want to get latest records from 200 to 300 as this option is available in curl query like

GET /_search?size=5&from=5


	  "query": {
	    "bool": {
	      "must": [
	          "term": {
	            "some key": "some value"
	  "from": 10,
	  "size": 20

I want to do this using Java API

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Please format your code using </> icon as explained in this guide. It will make your post more readable.

Or use markdown style like:


Use the from and size parameters of the SearchSourceBuilder object.

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Thank You :slight_smile: @dadoonet

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