How can i get from Execbeat if a script successfully executed

Hello all,

I am using execbeat (ttps:// with ELK 6.3. I would like to know if certain my scripts are successfully executed AND if not i would like to report the issue. actually my script work fine, i need just to be known if the script not correctly executed (respons Yes/No from the execbeat to getting).
below is my conf:


     schedule: "@every 10s"
     command: "/home/badr/Downloads/shellscript/"
     document_type: script_1_type

  hosts: ["localhost:9200"]

My script to run as example:

echo $1
echo "test"

echo "This is a shell script"  
ls -lah

any help please.
Thank you in advance

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Note: I haven't used execbeat

Applications/Scripts that fail normally use an exit code (0 means ok) and write errors to stderr. Checking the fields.yml of execbeat, I assume you can look at exitCode.

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