How can I get the Logstash Documentation updated

I've been using logstash through several versions and there is an over riding theme, the documentation is inadequate.
For example the logstash sqs input and output plugins both have a parameter to specify an asw_credentials_file...however the documentation does not specify a format, AWS standard format is:

aws_access_key_id = <access_ID>
aws_secret_access_key= <secret_key>

however that does not work for the sqs plugins, so I looked at the source code and found this:

# Path to YAML file containing a hash of AWS credentials.
        # This file will only be loaded if `access_key_id` and
        # `secret_access_key` aren't set. The contents of the
        # file should look like this:
        #     :access_key_id: "12345"
        #     :secret_access_key: "54321"

Why isn't this included in the parameter documentation?
I appreciate that the source code is well documented, however not everyone wants to dig into the source code to get the configuration details for the application.
So this information needs to be in the plugin can I help get this accomplished? Is there a method for updating the documentation?

To get updates to docs for plugins, please make a PR against that plugins docs :slight_smile:

It looks like maybe there's a bug in our documentation generator.

The sqs input plugin includes the common AWS settings from the logstash-mixin-aws library, documented here, but I see on the main docs page, this content is missing when that setting is documented.

We'll look into it. Thank you for reporting! :slight_smile: