How can i pinned the documents in elastic search?

I believe you need at least 7.7, but then I would always recommend you use the latest version when starting a new project.

Please reply the below question

Is the curation dashboard will show in the 7.8?

Yes, the app search product comes with a user interface that includes support for curation in 7.8.

@ [Christian_Dahlqvist]( 
I have a confusion, from your below reply
"Yes, the app search product comes with a user interface that includes support for curation in 7.8."

Please, clear my below question
For eg.
If i install the 7.8 on my server, then (curation) app search product comes(included) in 7.8 elasticsearch version, the (curation) app search product, will show on my server?

As the installation guide I linked to earlier describes you need to install Elasticsearch 7.8 as well as the app search product. As it looks like you are not bothering reading any of the resources I have linked to I think this is a waste of my time so I will leave this thread. Good luck!

I am beginner to elasticsearch, so please guide me
I am reading your resources, but it may be sometimes,
i think i am not getting all things

I have not so much knowledge about installing "the app search product"
So please share the link again, if i missed, that, how can i install "the app search product"
on my server?

On the guide that have been linked already multiple times in this thread, you should see the following:

Most likely, everything about installing App Search should be available in the Installation part of the guide.

I forgot to tell that it will be even faster to start everything from and create an enterprise search cluster. It provides AppSearch feature in few clicks so you won't have to read the installation guide.


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