How can I set current time in field

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Could you please share with me info how I can to set current system time in field "@timestamp".
In my case, I successfully copy field with @timestamp in filed "real_timestamp".
And then I would like to set @timestamp with system time of the server we logstash running.

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You could try the following:

    ruby { 
         code => "event.set('systemtime',;"

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Hi guys,
Thanx @Eniqmatic
I've done this job with the following config:

 mutate {
    add_field => { "realtimestamp" => "%{@timestamp}" }

      ruby {
        code => "event.set('logstash_processed_at',;"

    mutate {
    convert => { "logstash_processed_at" => "string" }

    date {
    match => [ "logstash_processed_at", "ISO8601" ]
    target => "@timestamp"
    add_tag => "timestamp_changed"

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Correct well done!

Please mark as solved! :slight_smile:

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