How can I setup file offset state with filebeat source code?

I'm trying to import filebeat source code to read text from file. I understand that filebeat saves offset to filesystem so when it restarts, it won't read text from beginning of the file. How can I implement this function? I write a simple code below but everytime I restart the code, it reads the file from beginning.

package main

import (

type eventCapturer struct {
	closed    bool
	c         chan struct{}
	closeOnce sync.Once
	events    chan beat.Event

func (o *eventCapturer) OnEvent(event beat.Event) bool { <- event
	return true

func (o *eventCapturer) Close() error {
	o.closeOnce.Do(func() {
		o.closed = true
	return nil

func (o *eventCapturer) Done() <-chan struct{} {
	return o.c

func NewEventCapturer(events chan beat.Event) channel.Outleter {
	return &eventCapturer{
		c:      make(chan struct{}),
		events: events,

func main() {
	config, _ := common.NewConfigFrom(common.MapStr{
		"paths":     path.Join("/home/sf/logs", "*.log"),
		"close_eof": false,
	events := make(chan beat.Event, 100)
	defer close(events)
	capturer := NewEventCapturer(events)
	connector := channel.ConnectorFunc(func(_ *common.Config, _ beat.ClientConfig) (channel.Outleter, error) {
		return channel.SubOutlet(capturer), nil
	context := input.Context{
		Done:     make(chan struct{}),
		BeatDone: make(chan struct{}),
	inp, err := log.NewInput(config, connector, context)
	if err != nil {
	defer inp.Stop()

	timeout := time.After(30 * time.Second)
	done := make(chan struct{})
	for {
		select {
		case event := <- events:
			if state, ok := event.Private.(file.State); ok && state.Finished {
				go func() {
		case <-done:
		case <-timeout:
			fmt.Println("timeout waiting for closed state")

Sorry for my innocent question but is it legal to import filebeat like this?

Please help ...

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