How can I skip recording an event with these conditions

I am using winlogbeat. How can I exclude events that meet the following criteria:

  • event_id = 4670
  • only when the "related": "user" value ends with a $
  • (alternatively) the "user": "name" ends with a $

Values that end in a $ correspond to machine accounts and I am not interested logging these.


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Hi John,

You can add filtering in your winlogbeat.yml file -- see winlogbeat.reference.yml for examples

See this page for documentation on conditions:

Specifically, you would need to add something like this to your winlogbeat.yml file:

      - drop_event:
              - equals:
                  event_id: 4670
              - or
                  - regexp:
                      related.user: "\\$$"
                  - regexp:

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