How can I store the average of CPU,Memory,Disk data of one day in some logs

Hello Sir,
I am using metricbeat for infra monitoring but as it is consuming so much data do we have the option to store the average of a complete day in only few logs .

Hi @AkshayP21296

What version are you on?

Perhaps take a look at this the new TSDS. It is exactly for the use in case you were talking about.

There is roll up in those kind of things coming as well.

EDIT : Removed metricbeat information, Metricbeat does not series TSDS / TSDB at this time.

Elastic Agent : Already Support TSDS out of the box for System Metrics

Are there any plans to add this capability to metricbeat in the future?

Hi @carlosaya welcome to the community.

I do not think TSDB is currently in the roadmap/ backlog for metricbeat

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