How can I to install beats on as/400?

We are planing install a production cluster of elastic and I don't see any documentation about install beats on AS/400, can anyone helpme about this?


Unless you are running something very old there is nothing called AS/400 anymore. AS/400 died in 2000. Please use the correct name of your platform.
There is no compiled version of beats that can run on IBMi as far as I've seen. Last I saw Golang was not implemented for IBMi, but rumors has it some people are working on it.

Hi Luis, thanks for the question about beats. AS/400 is not a supported platform for Beats. I'd recommend looking at the following support matrix which outlines which products and platforms are supported.

Please let us know if you have further questions.

Thanks for your fast answer, in other order, it is not possible to get evets of IBM iSeries to another way?

Hi, I think the best solution to collect logs from the AS/400 is to forward them to a syslog server. @andrewkroh provided a good overview of the process here:

Thanks @Michael_Madden for the information, can you provide me the link of the information?

Hi Luis, I would first research how to send logs to a centralized log server from AS/400. If you Google for terms like as/400 send syslog, there are several links that provide possible solutions.

Once your logs from AS/400 are on a syslog server on your network, I'd refer to the following documentation for configuring filebeat to ingest syslog data.

Let us know if you have further questions.

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