How can i use aggregation in logstash-elasticsearch filter plugin

if[type] == "mytype"    {       elasticsearch       {
                    hosts => [""]
                    index => "my_index"
                    query_template => "/logstash/my_query.json"
                     aggregation_fields => 
                     "seqnumber" => "find_seqnumber"

why return this error for me ?? ::

Unknown setting 'aggregation_fields' for elasticsearch

in logstash log

This is weird. What version of LS? What version of the elasticsearch filter?

bin/logstash-plugin list --verbose --group filter

both are 6.1

This is the kind of output the bin/logstash-plugin list command prints logstash-filter-elasticsearch (3.3.0)

aggregation_fields was only added recently in v3.3.0. You should be able to upgrade to that version.
See this list.

thank you .

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