How can we compile filbeat code in windows or linux?

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Please help me ?

Getting Error :

PS C:\Users\shubham.jain\Downloads\beats-6.4.2\beats-6.4.2\filebeat> go build

main.go:23:2: cannot find package "" in any of:
C:\Go\src\\elastic\beats\filebeat\cmd (from $GOROOT)
C:\Users\shubham.jain\go\src\\elastic\beats\filebeat\cmd (from $GOPATH)

(Andrew Kroh) #2

Looks like you do not have the beats project on your GOPATH.

The beats directory needs to be found at %GOPATH%\src\\elastic\beats where GOPATH is the value returned from go env GOPATH.

(shubham jain) #3

Thanks, @andrewkroh

Please suggest me how many project need to commit code in my local repository.

Have i to commit code full (golang src + libbeat + filebeat + vendor) in my local repository?

is there any go build management tool to do that, or will need to same ? manually will have to add these folder inside golang src.

Please help.

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