How combine different data inputs in logstash

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I have a set of http API one of them with "no time" data based , the fields are ID, geo location(lat,lon) and others data.

The ID is the key to access another API, (time based) , our target is to send all data from APIs to ES, in each line
For Example

API ONE respond :


API2: http://api2?dteid=136&user ...... and answer

{"values":[{"val1":"30.5","val2":"33.0"},{"val1":"20.3","val2":"24.4"}.......... ]

We need leave in ES

Is posible resolve it with logstach or we need join the info before to one file, for example, and then up the file to

I hope explain me clearly
Thanks a lot.

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To my knowledge, with logstash, you can't call a first API, and then call a second API using data returned by first API.

So, to do that, I invite you to use exec input, where you chain curl requests.
When you receive first response, you extract interesting data to use it into second curl request.

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Thanks Fabien,

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