How do I configure logstash for an Ubuntu service?

Specifically, when I was running logstash as a process I ran it like:

bin/logstash -f logstash-simple.conf

But I have stopped that madness and want to run it as a service
I have the service installed from the debian package, but how do I tell logstash to used the pipeline I have defined in logstash-simple.conf?


You could set path.config in logstash.yml, or use pipelines.yml

Can I put a single pipeline in pipelines.yml?
I tried it a while back and it complained about needing an array

So, if I make path.config: /foo/bar/logstash-simple.conf
and put logstash-simple.conf into /foo/bar
it should work?
Is there a best place to put such config files for services?

Absolutely. That is a configuration I use all the time.

I would set path.config to the name of the file, not just the directory that contains it.

Thanks, I know I'll be adding more pipelines in the future, so that would be helpful to have it there from the start. I did also notice it works better if I specify the full file path and not just the directory.

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