How do I deal with insanely long lines in the Logstash config?

(Mark Casey) #1

I'm working on an email output, which is working, but as I add a header with some help text for the events and some minimal styling, the config line with the 'htmlbody' parameter is going to get very long (400 to 600 characters depending on how succinct I can make the help text).

Any particular way to deal with this or just let it be long?

Thank you,

(Magnus B├Ąck) #2

Given the limited nature of Logstash's configuration language I don't think there are any workarounds that you could use. Either Logstash is fine with kilobyte-sized lines or it isn't. I'd be surprised if the limit would be that low.

(Mark Casey) #3

Cool; I was also kind of assuming Logstash could handle it. I appreciate the second vote of confidence!

I will reply again for posterity if the line ends up being much shorter than I anticipated, or if I actually do run into issues with it and have to pare it down further on the length concern alone.

Thank you,

(system) #4