How do i Parse the particular value

How do i parsed _dv -> [0] -> _v value from below message

"message" => "{_dv=[{_t=SMU_EVENTS, _r=1527684757285, _v={severity=INFO, analysisModule=MAC_ANALYSIS, headerValue=, apMac=74:67:f7:63:9a:12, pa
ramlist=[{Value=, Key=DESTINATION IP}], reasonscodes=[], sessionID=3, ssid=ZGuest, wlanCode=608, analysisName=INITIAL_CONNECTION, timeStamp
=18:22:37:232, utcTime=2018-05-30 12:52:37, deviceMac=40:83:de:bb:50:39, eventtype=0, model=TC70x, sn=163235225D0335, ID=14, analysisStatus=ANALYSIS_U
PDATE, eventDate=2018_05_30}}],

It is not even close to being JSON. Nothing is quoted, there are spaces embedded in values. Eek! If someone handed me that I would be thinking about using lex/yacc, not logstash.

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