How do I transfer data across networks?

I want to transfer the data to different networks

How should I set the url of logstash/filebeat?

filebeat conf

hosts: [""]
key: data
db: 0
timeout: 30

Failed to connect to redis(tcp:// dial tcp i/o timeout

logstash conf

output {
kafka {
bootstrap_servers => ""
topic_id => "data"
codec => json
compression_type => "gzip"

No data received on kafka

Hello @wajika,

I am not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve here, I am looking at your diagram, I see Kafka -> Filebeat or Logstash -> nginx -> Redis?

Can you clarify a bit more your problem or use case?

Thanks for your reply. my English is not good.
My problem has been solved. but I found a small problem.
The logstash tcp input mode cannot process multiple rows of data.
For example, the collection of nginx logs, which are not line-by-line transfers.

Yeah, that's what I wanted (Kafka -> Filebeat or Logstash -> nginx -> Redis?), but now I'm doing it in a different way

If you are receiving multiline messages, you have to change the codec for the input. Default is 'line' (, which uses '\n' as a delimiter.
Check out other codecs:

No, the problem is this.
filebeat tcp output >> logstash tcp input .not line-by-line transfers.

You cannot just change the architecture and not describe the issue and expect to get good answers :slight_smile:

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