How do I use the logstash alter coalesce plugin?

Each of my event contains one type of src addr and one type of dst addr.

These variations always produce errors. How do I properly use the coalesce filter in logstash? It isnt clear to me in examples. This is what I've tried, and some variations of them.

alter { coalesce => [ [flow][SourceIP],  "%{[netflow][ipv4_dst_addr]}", "%{[netflow][ipv4_dst_addr]}", "%{[ipfix][sourceIPv4Address]}", "%{[ipfix][sourceIPv6Address]}"  }
alter { coalesce => [ "[flow][DestinationIP]", [netflow][ipv4_dst_addr], [netflow][ipv6_dst_addr], [ipfix][destinationIPv4Address], [ipfix][destinationIPv6Address] ]         }

logstash-filter-alter is installed.

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