How do large organizations manage beats deployment?

Suppose I had to deploy Winlogbeat to 100 Windows servers and 1000 Windows workstations ; what is the best way to proceed with deploying winlogbeat to all these end-points?

Suppose I had to make a change to the config file on a section of the servers; what are some options available to push these changes?

Has someone achieved this using Active Directory? SCCM?

Just looking for options on the best way to proceed.

Thank you.

Any sort of automation. - puppet, chef, ansible, whatever the Windows specific one it.
AD might do it.

In addition, have a look at the issue here: We plan in the future to offer some centralised config management (not implemented yet). For deployment you will still need one of the automation tools recommended by @warkolm

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This would be awesome ! Thanks for the link. Cheers.