How filebeat handle json string with backslash

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Hi, I am using keys_under_root

I know {\"text\":\"message with backslash\"} is not a valid json string, so filebeat treat this message as string, but how can I remove backslash before double quote, does this can be done only in filebeat? should I use logstash?

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For this I'd use logstash. Is there a chance of the text being escaped with slashes as well? This looks like escaping gone wrong, trying to repair it can be a little tricky if you have embedded escaped text, which must not de-escaped yet.

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I find a solution about the invalid json string, just wrap string as value of json, the key is random, eg: we can use requestBody, so the raw log looks like this: {"requestBody": "{\"text\":\"message with backslash\"}"}. In this case, I have a question, can we treat {\"text\":\"message with backslash\"} as the root because we don't need the outer.

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updated: delete duplicate comment

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See: decode_json processor docs.

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