How I can delete element from array?


I receive messages like this: "app_risk = 0 app_risk =2" or "app_risk = 0"
After kv filter, I have field "app_risk": [ "0", "2"] or ["0"].
How I can delete the first element of array - "0", if app_risk[1] exist ?
I try to do in filter
if [app_risk [1]] == "1"{ mutate {remove_field => ["app_risk[0]"] }
but it is not work, because I receive an error with logstash configuration, as I understand I cant use [app_risk[1]], only [app_risk].
How I can do it on Logstash filter?

Thank you for help, good day!!

That should be

if [app_risk][1] { mutate { remove_field => "[app_risk][0]" } }

Note that it will still be an array with a single member.

Thank you a lot, it is help me!

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