How many Meticbeat modules can be processed at the same time?


First of all, thank you for providing such a simple beat.

Now I'm running haproxy as a process unit. As a result, we provide a specific haproxy_id for each process.

Accordingly, we make a haproxy module for each haproxy_id and register and use a haproxy module that collects stats from each haproxy socket.(ex. haproxy_1.yml, haproxy_2.yml ... haproxy_1000.yml) We write the 60-second period in the config and collect it once every 60 seconds.

At this time, I had a question. I saw in the official document that beat uses goroutine to put strength in concurrent processing. At this time, I was wondering how much concurrent processing can be handled and if there are any cases where this time is delayed and accumulates every 61 seconds.

Can you tell me how many parallel processes metricbeat module can do at the same time?

The second question is.

For example, stat data collected through 100 goroutines will be written to one file at the same time, so will 100 collected data be lost? (I'm worried that file descriptors are usually limited to 64 on Unix operating systems.)

If you have any comments on this, I would appreciate it if you could reply.

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