How much is the syslog events storage capacity of logstash when output is offline?

Hello Experts,

We are using Logstash for syslog event receiving & forwarding and its working as expected, but in between sometimes the output server (which receives syslog events forwarded by logstash) goes offline and at that point of time logstash use to store or hold those syslog events.

What we want to know is exactly how much is the storage capacity/size of logstash to hold the events (how many GBs or MBs to be precise) and how to customize that capacity/size as per our need?

If you enable persistent queues in Logstash, you can configure how much you want to buffer. If you do not have persistent queues configured, a small number of events are kept in in-memory buffers, and Logstash will stop accepting further inputs once these fill up.

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