How should I configure HAProxy logging to make it work with Filebeat?

The Filebeat docs do not give any instructions on what format to use. The Elastic Agent Integration docs mention support for the default, tcplog, httplog, httpslog, and errorlog formats.

So far though, I only get "Provided Grok expressions do not match field value" errors with any of the configurations I've tried.

Per HAProxy's docs, the formats are: local, rfc3164, rfc5424, raw, and a couple others that don't contain needed info.

Setting any of those options in the global section, and then tcplog or httplog for tcp or http listen stanzas doesn't result any of the logs getting properly grokked.

Here's my haproxy.cfg file and some example logs for the raw format:

    log stderr format raw daemon debug
    user haproxy
    group haproxy

    log global
    # How many times should we try to connect ot a backend server before giving up?
    retries 5
    # How long before failing a backend server connection
    timeout connect 10s
    # How long should pending data be buffered before it is dropped
    # When this is low, we see "Aborted connection" messages in Galera's logs.
    timeout server 600s
    # How long before closing an inactive client connection
    timeout client 45s
    # Use gethostbyname() or getaddrinfo() to get ip address of backend server, then
    # try the last value in the state file, then just let it be nothing.
    default-server init-addr libc,last,none

resolvers docker

listen project-mariadb-cluster
    option tcplog
    bind *:3306
    mode tcp
    option mysql-check user haproxy
    balance source
    server project-mariadb-1 "project-db-01.dbnet:3306" check inter 5s resolvers docker
    server project-mariadb-2 "project-db-02.dbnet:3306" check inter 5s resolvers docker
    server project-mariadb-3 "project-db-03.dbnet:3306" check inter 5s resolvers docker

listen stats
    option httplog
    bind *:1337
    mode http
    maxconn 10
    timeout queue   100s
    stats enable
    stats hide-version
    stats refresh 10s
    stats show-node
    stats uri  /haproxy?stats

That config results in logs like:

For httplog:

project-project-db-1  | <30>Sep  7 19:31:15 haproxy[8]: [07/Sep/2023:19:31:15.656] stats stats/<STATS> 0/0/0/0/0 200 21950 - - LR-- 1/1/0/0/0 0/0 "GET /haproxy?stats HTTP/1.1"

For tcplog:

project-project-db-1  | <30>Sep  7 19:31:09 haproxy[8]: [07/Sep/2023:19:31:08.298] project-mariadb-cluster project-mariadb-cluster/project-mariadb-1 1/0/1396 8202373 -- 1/1/0/0/0 0/0

I'm running HAProxy inside a container managed by docker compose. The image is based on haproxy:2.6.14 I set up filebeat with label based hinting enabled. Since the docs I see in ES do have a "service.type=haproxy" field, I believe I have it configured ok, but just in case, here are the labels:

      co.elastic.logs/enabled: "true"
      co.elastic.logs/module: "haproxy"
      co.elastic.logs/module[].log.enabled: "true"

The last one I'm not sure I need. I'm still figuring out the hinting stuff.

Anyone have any tips?

Er, anyone?

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