How the logstash get my timezone

i meet a problem when i send a timestamp to logstash it can turn it to utc .but i didn't set my timezone
where it get it ? from my pc?
[TimeStamp:2018-05-14 15:20:10]ddd
"@version" => "1",
"MSG" => "ddd\r",
"host" => "BIH-D-6331",
"TimeStamp" => "2018-05-14 15:20:10",
"message" => "[TimeStamp:2018-05-14 15:20:10]ddd\r",
"TS" => 2018-05-14T07:20:10.000Z,
"@timestamp" => 2018-05-03T08:23:21.824Z
why it know my timezone is +08:00

The date filter defaults to the system's timezone.

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thank you

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