How to access filebeat HAProxy total response time?

I have the exact same question as was asked in this topic, which was closed due to no responses. Namely:

Where do I find default HAProxy Timers Tr or Ta (which I assume include data/body) in Elastic Filebeat HAProxy fields?

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@warkolm As you suggested in a PM, I opened a new topic with the same question. Is there anyone on the Elastic team who can respond? Thanks much for any input!

The HAProxy module in filebeat uses this ingest pipeline to parse the log message.

The part that will parse the times is this one:


Later in the pipeline the field temp.duration is renamed as event.duration using this processor:

- script:
    lang: painless
    source: ctx.event.duration = Math.round(ctx.temp.duration * params.scale)
      scale: 1000000
    if: ctx.temp?.duration != null

So, the 5 time fields from HAProxy HTTP requests, TR/Tw/Tc/Tr/Ta, will be parsed as:


You then have:

  • TR: haproxy.http.request.time_wait_ms
  • Tw: haproxy.total_waiting_time_ms
  • Tc: haproxy.connection_wait_time_ms
  • Tr: haproxy.http.request.time_wait_without_data_ms
  • Ta: event.duration

On a previous company I used to collect HAProxy logs, but I changed the ingest pipeline to store the fields as haproxy.TR, haproxy.Ta etc, I find that this is pretty easy for anyone who cames from a HAProxy background to understand what is the metric, the names used by elastic just added confusion to the analysts.

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Thank you very much @leandrojmp, much appreciated!! :slight_smile:

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