How to add additional data when using ScriptEngineService and return as part of result

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I am using ScriptEnginService to implement a scoring plugin, except the score calculated by the runAsDouble() function, I want to add more additional feature data and return as a part of result. Some doc in my index is very large, so I want to calculate some features on ES and return these features for next stage to avoid transfer the large hole document.

@dadoonet , @rjernst @baz @javanna can you help?

Thanks a lot.

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Please don't ping people who not yet involved in your question.

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This is emergency for me, so I try to ping some people to get help quickly.

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This is forum manned by volunteers and is not anything like a professional support with SLAs and things like that.

Read this and specifically the "Also be patient" part.

It's fine to answer on your own thread after 2 or 3 days (not including weekends) if you don't have an answer but please don't do that kind of ping again in the future.

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