How to add customed geo location

Here is my log:

Nov 29 16:29:40 2015 KERNEL(H-2-H206-01@ [4415406.544000] 6 8 0 0% Low 0 0% Low 0 0% Low 120437

This log from an AP from a building and I have it's coordinates.
The IP address is and it's private network.
So I can't use geoip.
How to add a customed geo location?

So your goal is to manually hardcode specific lat/lon values for particular IP addresses or IP address patterns?

You can use Logstash to add en event field that Elasticsearch can parse into a field mapped as geo_point. See the geo_point documentation for your version of ES to see what that field needs to look like.

The mapping of the field is also important. Logstash's default index template will make sure the geoip.location field is mapped as geo_point. If you want another field name you'll have to update the template.

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